• 6㎡ is the space usually required for a sapling to grow up.

  It is a forest party where birds live in the canopy, mushrooms grow under the forest, and mammals shuttle between the forests; it is the security guard of the village—it can reduce the threat of mudslides and landslides ;It is a channel for villagers to increase their income—participate in planting and management and protection, develop underforest products, and enrich their sources of income. It is a fresh oxygen station—the amount of oxygen released by every 6 square meters of forest in a year can only supply one person to breathe for 14 hours.

  The 6㎡ forest is an ecological small world with infinite possibilities. The butterfly effect triggered by each 6㎡ will bring a series of positive ecological, social and economic benefits, and it is worth our efforts.

  • In 2014, the Green Foundation proposed the concept of "6㎡ Forest", and planted countless 6㎡ forests in Yunnan in 8 years.

  So this time they plan to combine the concept of "6㎡ forest" with Dali Cangshan Restoration Project, follow the principles of planting trees in the right place, planting trees in season, and scientifically planting 4,300 6 forest in Shangxingzhuang Village, Xizhou Town, Dali, contributing to the restoration of vegetation in Cangshan Mountain.

  • We planted 3322 ㎡ of trees

  Together with the collectors who purchased the LIFE STORY series of hand-painted card products, we planted 3322 ㎡ of trees in this project in 2022, thank you for your support. Let us continue to create value for society and nature.

  • Project name: Add a touch of green to Cangshan Mountain in Dali
  • Project source:Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation
  • Way of participation: Tencent Charity
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