Use MODEL CARD to exchange for gift cards. Each model card can be exchanged for a $30 gift card.

  • Card to Card

    Use MODEL CARD to exchange for random model card pack.


1.     Contact Us

The first step is to confirm the
model card you need to redeem and fill in the following information in the
contact form below.

1. Card information (eg: Tiger) 2. The policy you need to redeem (Gift Card/New
MODEL CARD) 3. If you need to redeem a new model card, you need to fill in your
delivery address (name, phone number, address)

2.     Mail Your Cards

After sending the form, please wait for our confirmation email (We will notify you in the confirmation email whether your redemption was successful) and mail the card to the address mentioned in the email

3.     Processing

After we receive your package, we will process your exchange.

4. Finish

Waiting for your new redemption products!

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